Finger Physics HD

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iPad-Exclusive Levels, Amazing Graphics & 300+ Levels… download Finger Physics HD today!

Try your skills at exclusive iPad-only levels and know that we always keep our games fresh with new content and updates. Grab your fingers, grab your iPad and be WOW’D by the amazing graphics, smooth gameplay & more than 300 finger teasing levels!

Finger Physics HD is packed with all of the finger-loving levels that got you hooked on the iPhone version, but with a larger screen – it’s a whole new game. Finger Physics was #1 on the App Store for a reason! Download it today and play ’til your fingers’ content!

> Already stuck?? Check out our YouTube channel for how-to videos

Game Features:
- 300+ Levels!!
- 7 Modes
- Eggs, baskets, exploding shapes & floating blocks
- OpenFeint integration
- Free access to all the iPhone paid level packs
- Exclusive iPad-only levels!



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