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Flipstones has been completely re-built with a new mode, boosts & PlacePlay.  So much has been added in fact, we had to change the name to Flipstones 2!

What’s Flipstones all about?  FUN!  Here’s the scoop:

- Frenzy mode: race the clock to score big!

- Challenge mode: how far can you get?  Earn stars as you go which will help you in Frenzy mode!

- PlacePlay: the brand new location-based gaming platform from yours truly.  Post your score to wherever you play, like a coffee shop, bus stop or park.

Flipstones 2 is fast-paced line-drawing explosiveness on your iPhone that you won’t be able to put down!  Draw a path for each stone so that like-colored stones make a triangle or pentagon and then explode it, to earn points and clear the space. Each colored stone has a unique effect that will help you – so play strategically.

There are 18 stages and over 80 levels,
each one presenting a different stone-flipping
-line-drawing challenge. On top of that, each
stage contains a unique board to ensure
your path to Flipstones greatness is anything
but ensured.

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